Best SPF for faces UK 2022: SPF50 protection and sunblock

From La Roche Posay to Bondi Sands, here are the best moisturising, high protection SPF sufor faces year round

<p>Best SPF for faces UK 2022: SPF50 protection and moisturising sunblock</p>

Best SPF for faces UK 2022: SPF50 protection and moisturising sunblock

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UVA, UVB, SPF; sometimes sun protection can feel like an acronym minefield. However, one thing that is clear is that over-exposure to the sun can have long lasting implications on our skin; from accelerating the development of wrinkles to increasing the risk of developing skin cancers.

Thankfully, SPF products have evolved from those that resembled white paint, which were sticky or greasy on the skin, took too long to absorb and left you looking ghostly pale. Now SPF protection is weaved seamlessly into high performance skincare, making it easier than ever to include vital protection into your daily skincare routine.

What does SPF, UVA and UVB mean?

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If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to daily SPF protection, here is what you need to consider. You need to be looking for a product which protects against both UVA (sun rays which are always present) and UVB (sun rays which are responsible for burning).

You also need to be taking note of the level of SPF within your product. The number of SPF indicates the amount of time longer you can stay in the sun before burning takes effect. For instance, if you typically burn after 10 minutes in direct sunlight, wearing an SPF15 product will protect you for 15 times longer than that.

Finding the right daily facial SPF product not only depends on your skin type, but it also depends on what else you want the product to achieve.

Whether it’s providing hydration, sensitivity care or even make-up coverage, there is an SPF product for you.

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