Channel 4 First Dates viewers stunned by Tom Hardy lookalike

A Tom Hardy lookalike caused quite the stir with viewers tuning in for the latest romantic pairings in the First Dates restaurant.

Student Madeline, 21, had barely confessed her crush for the Peaky Blinders and Inception actor to bartender Merlin on the hit Channel 4 show, only for Ewan, who works as a Tom Hardy impersonator, to appear.

After performing an uncanny impression of the actor, the Bristol student said he was often asked if he was the star and later confessed he had opened a library as Tom.

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“One comment I always used to get – ‘do you know who you look like’?,” he said.

Ewan then joked: “Apart from the fact that he’s a millionaire, already smashed the whole family-side of it and he is absolutely well famous, I’d say we’re on a pretty even keel to be honest.

“There’s not much he’s got that I haven’t.”

Madeline, who had been single for six months, revealed she had been left heartbroken by an ex who had downloaded Tinder and matched with her friend’s sister.

But things seemed to be going well for the pair as they laughed away and bonded over rugby and student life.

However, during the ‘catch-up’ segment at the end of the show it was revealed they had decided not to see each other again.

“Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as we’re too far away from each other during term-time,” Madeline explained. “But we’ve stayed really good friends and I really cherish the friendship and the experience that we had together.”

The apparent lookalike sparked a debate among viewers at home, who couldn’t agree if he really did look like the actor or not.

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“This lad does give me some Tom Hardy vibes, I rate him #FirstDates”, Harriet wrote on Twitter.

Deb said: “Awwww Tom Hardy is lovely #firstdates.”

Sarah added: “”I know he looks like Tom Hardy, but I think she looks like Jessica from Liberty X. Really like these two together. I hope they see each other again. #FirstDates”

But others couldn’t see the resemblance at all.

Harry Reinelt wrote: “I mean .. all the props to him BUT he looks nothing like Tom Hardy #FirstDates.”

Bry said: “I too am a Tom Hardy looknotsoalike.”

And Emma commented: “Tom hardy? Really #FirstDates.”

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