‘I saved £5k with ease – this is how I get free takeaways and clothes’

Nalan Kaya is an expert shopper and by cutting a few corners and getting a bit creative she was able to save thousands – and she’s shared her top tips so you can do it too

Nalan Kaya
Nalan managed to save £5,000 just be being a bit savvy

A savvy woman has shared her top tips to help protect your finances – after she was able to save a whopping £5k with ease.

Nalan Kaya, 26, sometimes spends less than £30 a month on shopping, which includes food, in part by claiming free samples and getting rewards doing online surveys.

She’ll do anything to keep the cost down, and often buys discounted ‘yellow sticker’ items instead of the full price equivalent.

Nalan, an NHS biomedical assistant from Coventry, West Midlands, said that she’s managed to save £5,000 in just three years – and by following in her footsteps you can too.

Nalan got this shopping, worth £30, for free thanks fo cashback apps


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She said: “I’ve always been quite frugal since I was young and have always loved the idea of being able to get something for free.

“As I got older and had my own bank account and PayPal, it meant that I could start earning money in addition to getting freebies as I could provide payment information on survey sites and apps.

“I’ve found some survey sites to be quite useful, and have made £600 so far from one particular site where the studies are conducted by universities for academic research and can take anywhere from a minute upwards.

Nalan manages to regularly get free food and drinks.


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“Referrals are a great way to make money on sites too, on one site, I actually made about £250 in cryptocurrency which I let sit for a while and ended up with £1500!”

Freebies Nalan has received include a variety of foods such as meals at restaurants, crisps, pizzas and fresh fruits as well as toilet paper, perfume and sanitary products.

Nalan’s frugal living and knowledge of apps, even means she spends very little on food, thanks to cashback apps and rewards.

She said: “I can get up to 100 per cent cashback on some foods I buy, and sometimes I even make a profit on food I’ve bought as other apps will be working in the background and make a note of what I’ve spent.

Nalan is a keen shopper, and knows how to save a few quid


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“I literally spent two weeks receiving free takeaways and grocery deliveries from UberEATS and Deliveroo, because I’d built up lots of credit from referrals.”

She added: “All of these apps really helped me at a time when I was unemployed and on Universal Credit.

“I had just moved to a new city, and I had nothing, I didn’t even have a blanket on my bed.

“When I could eventually afford a blanket, I ended up getting it for free as well as a heater for my room thanks to some good reviews I shared.

“All of my apps aided me in buying food and clothes and anything I desperately needed.

“Using the apps has aided me in buying items for my family who have also struggled financially but live abroad in Turkey.

“I’m now looking forward to saving up for my first home.”

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