ITV The Chase fans demand Bradley Walsh ‘stops’ his new habit

ITV The Chase fans have demanded Bradley Walsh “stop” a new habit he has developed on the show.

Fans are accusing Bradley of using the phrase “you’re a better player than that” too regularly.

The presenter is on the quiz show each and every night, from 5pm to 6pm, on ITV 1 and also on the ITV Hub.

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Steve Lowe joked: “If you gloat about how Alex was a better player than that one more time, Brad, I’ll get a “Laywer” on your backside! And yes, I saw the misspelling too. #TheChase

Katie said: “the chase except u take a shot everytime bradley says “you can do better than that””

Steve L said: “Would Brad please stop calling these contestants ‘better than that’?! It’s not helping them at all! #TheChase”

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“He’s a much better player than that….quadruple kapow,” said You Having A Laugh.

Yamuu said: “Stop saying she’s better than that Bradley. #TheChase”

“Better than that. Don’t think so #thechase,” Arthur remarked.

Ian Rhodes said: “He’s not better than that. Those questions were easily answerable with educated guesses #thechase”

“Bradley thinks everyone is “Better than that”,” Dave chipped in with.

Miss Lion Heart joked: “Better player than that klaxon!”

ITV The Chase continues to air each and every weeknight from 5pm on ITV1.

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