Jeremy Clarkson rants over ‘mad’ new law stopping drivers touching phones in traffic jams

Jeremy Clarkson has labelled law-makers “mad” for a new rule which will fine people for touching their mobile phone while they’re stuck in a traffic jam.

The Clarkson’s Farm star questioned if drivers would have to soon pull over to turn up their heating in a new column for The Sun.

The new law closes a loophole that saw drivers able to challenge fines because of a High Court ruling, which said drivers only commit an offence if they use their phones for “interactive communication” such as making a call or texting.

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The new rule, which comes into force at midnight on Friday (January 28), mean drivers will now risk a fine of £200 and six points on their licence just by touching their phone behind the wheel.

Jeremy wrote: “A new rule means you are not even allowed to touch your mobile telephone when you are behind the wheel. Even if you’re in a traffic jam.

“Seriously? If your random playlist decides to fill the car with Arctic Monkey noises and you really aren’t in the mood, you are no longer allowed to swipe the screen to make it stop.

“Are the people who write these laws mad? Because almost all human beings are capable of doing two things at the same time.”

The regulations will state that using a hand-held phone at traffic lights or while in a standstill at a traffic jam is illegal too.

People will still be allowed to make hands free calls and pay for their food at drive-thrus and road tolls via their mobile banking.

Mobile phones can also still be used as sat navs but they will have to be programmed before setting off.

The AA has previously said that drivers should also pull over if they need to reprogramme their route.

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