Mum would rather son never got round to thank-you letter than send a thank-you text

A MOTHER has admitted that it will hurt not to receive a thank you letter from her 29-year-old son, but not as badly as receiving a thank you text. 

Mary Fisher is praying son Oliver takes the time to hand-write a thoughtful letter, or if that is not possible that he at least has the manners not to send a crappy WhatsApp message.

She said: “I spent a lot of money, time and trouble on Oliver. So I hope he’ll suffer the inconvenience of licking an envelope and coming up with a natty comment about how he hopes the world will go back to normal this year.

“But failing that, I hope he at least will have the good manners not to acknowledge it at all, rather than cheapen my Christmas by reducing it to a text. That’s unacceptable.

“How does he think it reflects on my parenting? When he sends a thumbs-up emoji to my sister and my nieces sent beautiful handwritten notelets every Easter? Better nothing than that crass modernity.”

Oliver Fisher said: “I banged out all my thank you texts to my aunties, my godmother and my mum’s neighbour Sue in less than five minutes. Though the biggest thanks should go to the person who invented copy and paste.

“I’m going to DM Mum on Facebook though, because she likes it to be special. And I’ll use a flowery background so she knows I’ve put thought into it.”

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