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Reeve Kent Farago brought a safety issue to the RCMP at their regular council meeting on March 10. RCMP Sgt. Dean Gherasim was in attendance as part of their regular reporting and feedback with the municipality.

Farago brought up what he deemed an issue he receives the most complaints over. “The most complaints I’ve ever received has been over one thing, and it’s the same thing I’ve complained about. And it’s the bike riders on the 734.”

Farago noted after 734 was repaved, that’s when the troubles started. “They come out in groups, run races on the 734.” Farago said that while he believed its legal to ride on the road, he said he didn’t believe it was legal to ride 3 to 5 cyclists wide.

Farago explained the 734 is a busy, narrow road. He said it becomes a safety issue when it becomes congested and motorists try to get around them. “It’s just to the point that I don’t think it’s going to be IF it’s going to be WHEN somebody is going to be hurt seriously. We have asked a number of times for that to be policed.”

Farago said the riders go into Lumsden, posting people at stop signs to stop traffic so the racers can go through the stop signs. Farago said he didn’t believe they could do that or have acquired the permission to stop traffic in that manner.

Lumsden Mayor Bryan Matheson said if a group approached them with a request to run a race into the town limits, they would work with the RCMP under their guidance.

CAO Monica Merkosky, the Administrator for both the Town and the RM, told LMT they had not received an application in the past as there hasn’t been a process. They are working on constructing an application form. Merkosky said, “We have received comments that the cyclists disregard the stop sign as they enter town limits. They are coming down the hill at quite a speed and entering a residential neighbourhood. Perhaps they consider the risk of collision to be low?”

Merkosky also said they aren’t sure if it is an organized cycling club, a more informal group, or some combination. They said they would be reaching out to all Regina Cycling Clubs once the Permit Application form has been developed.

Sgt Gherasim said they would take a proactive approach on the matter touch base with the cyclists and the Ministry of Highways. He said they would report back to the RM.

James Korpan, Regina Cycle Club President, says it’s not any of their club’s riders. Rider safety is their number one concern and one of their hard rules is that they must stop at the stop sign when going through Lumsden.

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