The price of sushi is set to shoot up due to ‘short supply’

The price of sushi is set to go up as shortages hit Britain.

The Grocer reports that the popular lunch option will become more expensive as demand increases and supplies are low.

Sushi rice has been surging in price due to ‘complex’ supply chain issues.

Since September 2020, the cost of the ingredient has risen by around 35%, with no sign of stopping.

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The stats come from Eurostar Commodities, a food supplier that brings rice to Britain.

According to them, freight costs have risen by 19% since September 2020.

They also warn that there could be “no paddy rice left in the entire global market” by spring of this year.

Director Jason Bull said: “Right now the entire industry is clamouring to buy the rice that they need, and this is driving the price up further”.

The cost of sushi rice has been ‘soaring for the past two or three years’ says Na Wang, the marketing manager of Japanese ingredients supplier Tazaki Foods, adding that it would likely continue to do so.

Most of Britain’s sushi rice comes from Italy, but Brexit has added serious costs and complicated logistics, Wang said.

Bull agreed, saying that: “additional paperwork required after 1 January is adding cost and complexity to the food chain.”

He said: “Europe does not grow enough rice to fulfil demand and so it is topped up with rice from the rest of the world – but this year they will also have a massive shortfall due to freight and logistical issues.”

Wang added that cargos from east Asian countries like Japan, Thailand and Vietnam had been “really suffering from the freight cost increase” and that other products in the world foods aisle are likely to be impacted by supply chain issues.

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