The Radfords amaze viewers as they cook breakfast for 22 kids – and it includes 48 sausages

The Radfords – Britain’s biggest family – left viewers shocked when they showed how they put together a special big cooked breakfast for their whole family – and it includes no less than 48 sausages and 4kg of beans

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The Radfords cook breakfast for 22 kids including 48 sausages

The Radfords amazed viewers as they made a big cooked breakfast for their 22 kids.

In tonight’s episode of their Channel 5 show, 22 Kids and Counting, mum and dad Sue and Noel Radford set to making a special big breakfast for their whole family – a total of 22 people to cook for altogether.

Viewers of the show were left in awe as they watched on as the Radfords put together the hefty size family meal, which included sausages, eggs, bacon, hash brown, mushrooms and beans and tomatoes.

The couple first started work on the sausages, putting 48 of them onto a huge baking tray and into the oven.

Breakfast is a big challenge for The Radfords

Next up, it was up to Noel to collect the rest of the products out of the fridge and cupboards including no less than three packets of bacon, 24 eggs and 4 kilograms of baked beans and tomatoes.

He also set to work on cooking the eggs, which he cracked one by one into a huge pan and put them into the oven to cook.

“I’m cooking the eggs this way, on a tray, as it’s just much easier to do them all on one big tray,” he says.

They cook 48 sausages for just one breakfast!

They also prepare two loaves of bread, toasting and buttering individual slices for the kids, as well as getting in eight litres of juice to make sure everyone has something to drink. For those that like mushrooms, Noel cuts up three tubs of them ahead of breakfast.

Fans took to social media to share their shock at the military precision plan which gets the Radfords through breakfast – as others wondered why the older kids didn’t help out.

The Radfords have 22 kids

“Could the older kids help out cooking so that they get the food done quicker? #22kidsandcounting,” one wrote.

However, for the couple, they love to have all the kids there for breakfast and enjoy having everyone around the same table.

“What we enjoy most about a big family is being surround by the kids all the time. Fun, laughter and happiness,” Noel says, as Sue adds: “I love how they interact with each other and the bonds they have is so lovely to watch.”

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